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Thermocool refrigeration & HVAC Ltd. is a top quality, full service company providing full package for insulated panel installation and freon based refrigeration system for small and large projects. Utilising the expertise from various fields, Thermocool is growing company in providing refrigerated plant setups with full packages. We provide solutions that give customers confidence that their systems will perform: and services that protect and extend their customers investment.

Thermocool is dedicated to providing top quality products and service, with an honest, straightforward work ethic, always having the clients' interests in mind. Because of this, they have a loyal client base that is ever-expanding through the praise of satisfied customers.

Thermocool is a company that brings together experienced, reliable, team of employees from different sectors of the industry to provide meticulous performance in the setup of cold rooms, environmental rooms, production rooms with insulated panels along with refrigeration and electrical set ups.


Thermocool Refrigeration & HVAC Ltd. was founded by Ron Kahlon, who is qualified journeyman in Refrigeration, Electrical and Gas fitter with 25year experience. As part of bold growth initiative, Thermocool formed a strategic alliance with Rick Mcewen , who has 35 years of experience working for Zeroloc insulated panel (Now Kingspan) systems in the panel installation industry. Rick Mcewen, who has the expertise in panel installation does a remarkable job of managing and supervising the projects to give the excellent results and good quality for our clients. We are one of the recommended installers for Kingspan insulated panels.


To create a company that provides the utmost care for its customers and employees alike.


To provide quality work with integrity To consistently provide responsive, friendly and reliable service to our customers To consistently provide a fair and friendly work environment for our employees To continuously deliver value through expertise and dedication, and to establish our leadership in the industry by constantly improving our skills and practices

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